The APW Automated Sample Preparation Workstation enhances laboratory productivity by minimizing resource allocation for repetitive tasks such as sample weighing, extraction, filtration, dilution, and transfer to analysis devices. This enables the re-purposing of lab staff to mission critical tasks such as data analysis, reporting, and notebook documentation. Automated procedures can also reduce solvent usage and hazardous waste generation while improving analyst safety by minimizing exposure to hazardous reagents and samples.

  • Assay and content/blend uniformity for up to 300 samples
  • Waters Empower™ interface
  • 10 mL initial extraction volume using a focused sonication probe
  • Powerful dEsign™ variables for streamlined DoE studies
  • Video monitoring with VideoLink™



After weighing the sample, the APW uses a focused sonication probe coupled with a UV temperature sensor to deliver sample disintegration without over-heating.  Combined with the vortex station, the APW can achieve efficient and reproducible extractions for even the most challenging of sample formulations. Common dosage forms include API, tablets, gels, creams and other lose dose formulations. Cleaning between samples is easily programmed into the method to eliminate sample carry-over. The updated APW is enhanced to reduce cycle times by adding efficiency to the dilution process.

Filtration and dilution

Consistent volumetric preparations are confirmed gravimetrically at every step throughout the process. The APW filters extracted samples as they are transferred from one processing tube to another. Post filtration, the system can perform up to 1:100,000 dilutions within a single method. For every sample, the system audit trail combined with the advanced error handling capabilities provides a detailed and comprehensive record of the entire preparation process.

Direct injection of dissolution testing samples into HPLC / UPLC.

Analysis and storage

The built-in HPLC injector supports on-line analysis. Optionally, all pertinent sample information is transferred to Empower™ as the sample sequence is built by the interface as the APW run-list progresses. In addition to on-line HPLC analysis, samples can also be collected in sealed HPLC vials on the autosampler. Finally, the APW has the capability to transfer samples to a UV spectrophotometer to act as an autosampler for on-line UV analysis.

Video monitoring

VideoLink™ provides video recording of your sample preparation process when using the automated APW workstation. An overview camera can be set to trigger on specific events. This functionality allows recording of various critical instrument activities during an unattended run and easy assignment to a specific sample ID / preparation step.

Manage your data.

Data management software for automated sample preparation

APWsoft – Software

Process control, data capture, storage and reporting.