OmniaPure XS Touch

The economic choice for highest quality pure water ensuring reliability of your experimental results.

  • ULTRAPURE – Continuous reliable ASTM type 1 water
  • COMPACT – Small footprint design to save laboratory space
  • RELIABLE – Real time TOC monitoring to maintain water quality
  • USER FRIENDLY – Simplified replacement of consumable to increase uptime
  • DATA INTEGRITY – USB port for data input and output to track usage
  • ECOLOGICAL – Residual cartridge volume display to prevent excessive waste


Reliable. Reproducible.

The quality of the ultrapure water is what counts. Consistently high water quality is crucial for the reproducibility of the analysis results. The permanent data storage of all quality parameters and the possibility of outputting USB interface make the analysis results traceable at any time.

Constant, highest quality standard.

Our claim is to deliver consistently the highest water quality. Even in ultrapure water systems stagnant water can lead to the formation of biofilm. That is why our Omnia series has a recirculation function that prevents the growth of biofilm, so that we even exceed the highest quality standards according to ASTM.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Stakpure Blueline stands for well thought-out sustainability. Blueline combines resource efficiency, durability, and recyclability with the highest quality standards. This significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions throughout the life of the product and conserves the fossil resources of our blue planet.