OmniaTap XS Basic

The economic choice for highest quality pure water ensuring reliability of your experimental results.

  • ULTRAPURE – Continuous reliable ASTM type 1 water
  • PURE WATER – Internal 7 litre tank for ASTM type 2 water
  • COMPACT – Small footprint design to save laboratory space
  • USER FRIENDLY – Simplified replacement of consumable to increase uptime
  • ECONOMICAL – Resource saving operation designed to reduces costs



The system efficiently treats tap water, producing up to 2 liters of type 1 ultrapure water per minute for high-purity applications and up to 5 liters of type 2 pure water per hour for general use. This ensures a reliable supply tailored to meet diverse needs with high throughput and performance.


The system comes with a 7-liter integrated storage tank designed with a recirculation mechanism to maintain the water at a consistent type 2 quality. This continuous recirculation prevents stagnation and ensures that the water retains its purity over time. By keeping the water at type 2 quality at all times, the system provides a reliable and readily available supply of high-quality water. 


The easily accessible service cover is designed for user convenience, allowing swift access to internal components for rapid consumable replacement. This feature minimizes maintenance time and system downtime, ensuring smooth and efficient operations. Users can perform these tasks quickly without needing specialized tools or technical expertise, enhancing overall usability and productivity.