OmniaTap II

The economic choice for highest quality pure water ensuring reliability of your experimental results.

  • PURE WATER – Continuous reliable ASTM type 2 water
  • CONVENIENT – Internal 7 litre tank for laboratories with smaller demand
  • INCREASE CAPACITY – Optional 30 or 60 Litre tank for higher laboratory demands
  • MULTI PURPOSE – Continuous feed for supplying external systems
  • RELIABLE – Real time conductivity display to maintain water quality
  • EASE OF USE – Volume dosed withdrawal for accurate dispensing



The system treats tap water directly to produce up to 12 liters of type 2 water per hour, eliminating the need for external purification processes. This streamlined approach ensures efficiency and reliability, providing a continuous supply of high-quality water for various applications.


The system includes optional tanks for direct draw-off or feeding water to external equipment like glasswashers, autoclaves, and humidity units. This flexibility optimizes workflow, ensuring a readily available water supply where needed and reducing reliance on external sources.


The easily accessible service cover enables users to replace consumables swiftly, minimizing downtime and promoting system reliability. With maintenance tasks streamlined, instruments can operate continuously, ensuring peak performance and longevity.