OmniaLab UP

The economic choice for highest quality pure water ensuring reliability of your experimental results.

  • PURE WATER – Continuous reliable ASTM type 2 water
  • LARGE CAPACITY – 100 Litre Pure Water tank for higher laboratory demands
  • MULTI PURPOSE – Continuous feed for supplying external systems
  • HIGH PRODUCTION – Up to 40 Litres hour for supplying multiple external units
  • RELIABLE – Real time conductivity display to maintain water quality
  • EASE OF USE – Volume dosed withdrawal for accurate dispensing



The system boasts a 100-liter storage tank with constant recirculation, catering to lab equipment like autoclaves, glass washers, and ultra-pure water systems. This setup ensures a reliable water supply, optimizing laboratory operations with minimal interruptions.


The easily accessible service cover enables quick consumable replacement, minimizing downtime and maximizing instrument uptime. This user-friendly feature streamlines maintenance tasks, promoting continuous operation and increased productivity.


The system is capable of delivering up to 2 liters of type 2 water per minute directly from the final filter dispenser. This rapid dispensing rate ensures a steady supply of high-quality water, meeting the demands of various applications with efficiency and reliability.