The economic choice for highest quality pure water ensuring reliability of your experimental results.

  • ULTRAPURE – Continuous reliable ASTM type 1 water
  • PURE WATER – 10 litre tank for the supply of ASTM type 2 water
  • INCREASE CAPACITY – Optional 30 or 60 Litre tank for higher laboratory demands
  • MULTI PURPOSE – Continuous feed for supplying external systems
  • USER FRIENDLY – Simplified replacement of consumable to increase uptime
  • ECONOMICAL – Resource saving operation designed to reduces costs



The system directly treats tap water, generating up to 2 liters of type 1 ultrapure water per minute for sensitive applications, and up to 20 liters of type 2 pure water per hour for general use. This ensures a reliable supply of high-quality water with efficient throughput.


The system offers optional tanks for added versatility, allowing for direct draw-off and direct feed to external equipment such as glasswashers, autoclaves, and humidity units. These optional tanks provide flexibility in water distribution, enabling seamless integration with various laboratory and industrial setups. 

Easy handling.

The system's easily accessible service cover is a testament to user-centric design, providing a seamless experience for quick and effortless maintenance. Engineered with convenience in mind, this feature allows users to access internal components with ease, enabling swift replacement of consumables in mere seconds.