OmniaLab ED+

The economic choice for highest quality pure water ensuring reliability of your experimental results.

  • ULTRAPURE – Continuous reliable ASTM type 1 water
  • LARGE CAPACITY – 100 Litre Pure Water tank for higher laboratory demands
  • MULTI PURPOSE – Continuous feed for supplying external systems
  • EDI MODULE – For removing ionized species such as salts and organic acids
  • ECONOMICAL – Resource saving operation designed to reduces costs
  • USER FRIENDLY – Simplified replacement of consumable to increase uptime


Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

The ED Module offers a continuous, chemical-free process meticulously designed to eliminate ionized and ionizable species from your feedwater. By seamlessly removing impurities without the need for harsh chemicals, the ED Module not only safeguards the integrity of your processes but also promotes environmental sustainability. 


The 100-litre storage tank, with its constant recirculation system, ensures reliable water supply for diverse lab applications. Its large capacity and continuous maintenance of water quality prevent disruptions, making it ideal for autoclaves, glass washers, and ultra-pure water systems. This allows you to focus on critical tasks without water supply concerns. 

Simple and efficient.

The easily accessible service cover exemplifies the system's commitment to user-friendly design and efficiency. By simplifying routine maintenance tasks, it minimizes downtime and promotes system reliability. With quick consumable replacement, instruments can operate continuously, ensuring peak performance and longevity.