OmniaLab RO

The economic choice for highest quality pure water ensuring reliability of your experimental results.

  • PURE WATER – Continuous reliable ASTM type 3 water
  • LARGE CAPACITY – 100 Litre Pure Water tank for higher laboratory demands
  • MULTI PURPOSE – Continuous feed for supplying external systems
  • HIGH PRODUCTION – Up to 60 Litres hour for supplying multiple external units
  • EXPANDABLE – Optional additional storage tanks to further increase capacity



The system features a 100-liter storage tank with constant recirculation, ideal for supplying lab equipment such as autoclaves and cleaning appliances. This setup ensures a reliable water source, optimizing laboratory operations with minimal interruptions.


The easily accessible service cover is meticulously engineered to streamline maintenance tasks, allowing users to swiftly replace consumables with ease. Its user-friendly design empowers users of all skill levels to perform maintenance efficiently, ultimately contributing to increased uptime and enhanced instrument performance.